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In order to keep your jewelry beautiful and preserve its shape and bright luster you should know how to take care of it properly. In this section, we would like to give you some tips which will help to maintain the authentic look of your PENINSULA jewelry.


Almost all jewelry contact with the skin, which contribute to the emission of microscopic substances, such as sulfur. When interacting with oxygen, these substances affect the appearance of the jewelry. In case of silver products, customers can notice the appearance of dark yellow hue on the entire surface of the item or on some certain spots. The products obtain reddish color, in case of gold jewelry. To get rid of this effect, the best solution is to contact a jewelry repair store.

Care instructions:

- remove your item before bathing or swimming (especially in salty water);
- try to limit contact with perfumes, creams and lotions;
- take into account, that contact with direct sunlight adversely affects particular parts of the item, especially textile and gemstones.

Jewelry storage:

- in order to reduce the possibility of deformation, take your piece of jewelry off before going to sleep;
- if your item consists of several pieces, try to store it separately in a special jewelry box lined with soft material.


The main cause of jewelry deformation is daily wear. We recommend our customers to inspect the items, from time to time, in order to detect color or flexibility loss. In case of damage, we suggest to contact a jewelry repair service. We do not recommend self-repairing, as it usually requires specialized equipment and skills.


In order to clean jewelry and textile elements take a soap solution, soft brush and water. Using soap solution and brush, clean the item with light effort, then rinse the soap and dry your product. We recommend to contact a jewelry repair store in order to get professional cleaning procedure.